kesäkuu 2019

WOD for Friday, Jun 21, 2019

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Weston5 Rounds For Time: • 1000m Row • 200m Farmer's Carry (2x45/35) • 50m Waiters Walk-Right Arm (45/35) • 50m Waiters Walk-Left (45/35) ENDURANCE VKO 25RUN 3 Rounds: 500m run / rest 1min 15sec 400m [...]

WOD for Sunday, Jun 16, 2019

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Deadlift 4 x 2Deadlift 4 x 2 Same weight on all the sets. Frannisentrifugi3 rounds for maximum speed, minimum rest and maximum discomfort - 10 thrusters 42,5/30kg - 10 burpees 10K Gymnastics TESTS 2)1) Max [...]

WOD for Friday, Jun 07, 2019

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Rest dayRest day: Recovery work and mobility ENDURANCE VKO 23RUN 1000m – cooper vauhti 400m – 10sec kovempaa kuin cooper /400m vauhti 800m – cooper vauhti 300m – 10sec kovempaa kuin cooper /400m vauhti 600m [...]

WOD for Sunday, Jun 02, 2019

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Maatalouslomittajasimulaattori6 x 5 min rounds / 2min rest between rounds A) run 800m - rest of the time heavy farmers walk B) row 1km - rest of the time kb front rack carry GYMNASTICS Tunneilla [...]

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